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Eureka Mignon Dosing Funnel

Eureka Mignon Dosing Funnel

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Despite the elegance of espresso, espresso grinding can go a little awry sometimes. Because you’re grinding so fine, your ground coffee may sometimes spray as it flies out of a pair of rapidly turning burrs. Even Eureka’s fantastic Mignon grinders, which are all about getting the most out of your grinds (they’re kitted with patented anti-clumping and anti-static tech) can’t always stop your grinds from dodging the portafilter and landing on your countertop. Volume definitely adds to the problem, with higher doses for double or triple shots causing more mess. Fortunately, there’s a fairly straightforward remedy in the form of a dosing funnel, and Eureka has some great funnels specifically made for its Mignon series.

A dosing funnel is a simple device. It just snaps onto the top of your portafilter and provides a nice wide chute that catches stray grinds and directs them into it. Eureka’s dosing funnel attaches magnetically, strongly enough to stay in place when turned upside down, thanks to a set of ultra-resistant magnets embedded in the base. It is specifically designed to fit the Mignon series’ distinctive “nose”-shaped chute. There’s also a specific version made especially for the Mignon Libra, so be sure to pick it up if that’s the machine you’re working with.

Eureka Mignon Dosing Funnel features and specifications:

  • Suitable for 57-58.3 mm portafilters
  • Height: 28mm
  • Upside-down magnetic adherence
  • Makes espresso dosing cleaner and tidier
  • Material: aluminium