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Eureka Mignon Grounds Container

Eureka Mignon Grounds Container

R 1,299.00

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One of the things that make Eureka Mignon (the Specialita and the Silenzio) grinders such great products is their versatility. It's not very often that you find a grinder that will deliver outstanding grind quality all the way from espresso to French press. The only challenge is that the on-demand set up with portafilter holder can make it awkward to grind for manual brews. This is where this grounds container comes in to play. It's a plastic attachment that fits on to the Mignon series of grinders and allows you to grind directly into the removable container. You can then transfer your coffee grounds to any brewer of your choice.

The Eureka Mignon Grounds is an easy upgrade to any Mignon grinder, making it easier to use for a wider variety of brew methods. It's easy to attach and remove, making switching between grinding for espresso and filter style coffee no issue. Just remove your portafilter holder and put this into place.

Upgrade you Eureka Mignon grinder today with this convenient grounds container.

Eureka Mignon Grounds Container features & specifications

  • Designed to catch all coffee grounds straight from chute
  • Neat & convenient
  • Lightweight and durable material
  • Perfect fit for all Eureka Mignon grinders (Specialita and the Silenzio)
  • Makes grinder more versatile and easier to use for non-espresso brew methods