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Eureka Mignon Tamping Mat Kit

Eureka Tamping Mat Kit

R 1,719.00

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If you're the proud owner of a Eureka Mignon coffee grinder, you probably really treasure it. You relish those moments when someone spots it in your kitchen and asks about it. You smile as you approach it early in the morning to make your first cup. You appreciate the consistency, speed, low sound levels and sheer reliability.

Well, maybe it's time you did something nice for your grinder. Maybe you should buy it a present. We have the perfect thing: The Eureka Mignon Tamping Mat Kit. The mat kit (or tamping station if you prefer) is not just some basic tamping mat. It's a soft, comfortable, silicone home for your beauty of a grinder. It's built to perfectly embrace its shape, to give it a platform from which to look out at the world.

Perhaps more importantly, it will also keep things pretty tidy. The Eureka Mignon Tamping Mat Kit not only has a spot for your grinder; it also provides a place for your tamper to rest, a place to tamp, and a place to store the very handy cleaning brush that this Tamping Mat Kit comes with.

You owe it to your Eureka Mignon grinder to buy one of these.

Eureka Mignon Tamping Mat Kit features

  • Soft-touch tamp station
  • Cleanup brush
  • Seamless Eureka Mignon grinder fit

Coffee grinders sold separately

Eureka Mignon Tamping Mat Kit specifications

  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimensions: 227mm x 280mm