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Flojet Single Bottle Pump Components

Flojet Bottled Water System Pump

R 5,495.00

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Even though they're not specifically manufactured for use with coffee machines, Flojet pumps are extremely well known in the coffee industry. For anyone who has ever run an event or mobile coffee station, where connection to the water mains isn't available, they are indispensable.

Most commercial espresso machines have pumps designed to work when connected directly to water (plumbed in). If you try to connect them to an external water source, they just don't generate enough pressure. The Flojet solves this problem, by providing that pressure when connected to an external water source, typically a 20-25L water bottle or jug.

If you're running a mobile coffee or doing any sort of event where coffee is served, we highly recommend using a Flojet, with any type of water-connected espresso machine!

Flojet features & specifications

  • Simple function to dispense fresh water from a bottle
  • Long life motor with thermal overlaod protection
  • Quiet operation with noise dampening rubber feet
  • Can run dry without damage
  • Illuminated on/off switch