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French Press Coffee Plunger Filter Plate Mesh

French Press Coffee Plunger Filter Plate Mesh

R 99.00

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If you've lost or damaged the mesh that filters your coffee in your French press, don't worry, you can buy a replacement! These high-quality stainless steel filter plate meshes are designed to work in most brands of coffee plunger including Bodum & Bialetti.

These filter plate meshes have a double outer edge to avoid fraying and are resistant to rust and tarnish. They are fully washable and should last a long time if well cared for. Buy one to give new life to your French press / coffee plunger.

These filter plate meshes will fit most Bodum coffee makers including Kenya, Brazil, Chambord & Bistro Nouveau of a 4, 6 or 8 cup size with a ~10cm diameter.