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Hario V60 Filter Paper Stand With Filters

Hario V60 Filter Paper Stand

R 469.00

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If you're a frequent pour-over brewer, reaching in and out of a cupboard or drawer to get a single filter can be a bit of a chore. However, the plastic wrappers that Hario filters come in aren't great for storing on a counter. This ceramic stand from Hario aims to solve that problem, giving you a neat and stylish way of keeping those filters in reaching distance without taking up to much counter space.

The stand is made entirely of ceramic material giving it a nice aesthetic and a bit of weight to keep it from sliding around. It's dishwasher safe and will easy hold 100 Hario filters of any size, or up to 50 Chemex filters if that is your pour-over method of choice.

Please note, the stand does not come with filters - these need to be purchased separately