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Gaggia Classic PID Controller Steel

PID Temperature Control Retrofit Kit for Gaggia Classic Pro

R 4,299.00

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The Gaggia Classic Pro has been one of the world's most popular home espresso machines since its release in 1991. Beyond its incredible value for money, its capacity to accommodate modifications is another reason that it is so well-loved.

One of the limitations of the Gaggia Classic, and most entry-level espresso machines, is the lack of direct temperature control, due to the simple, thermostat-controlled single boiler. This tried and tested PID kit addresses that issue, arming your Gaggia Classic with technology typically found in machines that are many multiples of the price.

What is a PID controller?

PID stands for proportional–integral–derivative and PID controllers are basically more sophisticated versions of thermostats. Rather than simply switching the heating element on and off when certain thresholds are reached, PID controllers can anticipate the trajectory of the temperature, and apply finer control to when the heating element goes on.

The upshot is simple: the temperature can be maintained in a much narrower range, and more precise temperature control means better, more consistent espresso!

About this PID Retrofit Kit for the Gaggia Classic Pro

This kit was designed specifically for the Gaggia Classic by Auber Instruments, a specialist manufacturer of PIDs. It takes about an hour to install*  and once installed, will maintain the temperature within ~0.5ºC of your desired temperature. Even better, you can choose to adjust that temperature to experiment with that all-important brewing variable.

About the pre-infusion version of the PID

Pre-infusion is a feature you'll find on very high-end commercial machines, where a small amount of water is introduced into the coffee puck before the extraction. This helps to improve the evenness of the ultimate extraction by wetting all the grounds first. This type of PID also helps you to control the all-important time variable, as well as temperature.

About the installation of the PID controller kit

At this time, we do not offer an installation service for the Gaggia PID controller kit. This is because the PID kit is a third-party modification, not supported by the service agents for Gaggia in South Africa. You will need to install the controller yourself, using the digital installation guide. Please understand that if any issues arise with your machine as a result of the installation of a PID, this will not be covered by warranty, so we would suggest that you proceed with caution.

Please note that we have included some manufacturer photos for the sake of illustration, but the exact look of your PID controller may vary slightly. The illustrations of the PID controller on the machine have different coloured LEDs and may not look like your specific machine.

Included with the Gaggia PID controller kit

  • Custom manufactured PID temperature controller with parameters set for the machine
  • Controller box with stainless steel or black finish
  • Solid-state relay with mounting hardware and heat-conductive paste
  • Platinum RTD temperature sensor
  • High-temperature resistant wires, colour-coded, cut to length and terminated with proper connectors
  • Digital installation guide and manual with text and photos (available on request; we are not allowed to publish it on the website)

Gaggia PID controller kit features

  • Specifically designed for Gaggia Classic including Pro, Classic & Home versions
  • Keeps temperature within ~0.5ºC
  • Adjustable brewing temperature
  • High-accuracy temperature sensor
  • High-temperature endurance parts and cables
  • Pre-infusion (pre-infusion model only)
  • Automatic time-based operation of brewing head (pre-infusion model only)
  • Warranty: 6 month manufacturer warranty