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Origin Coffee Roasting Kenya Muthuaini black bag

Origin Coffee Roasting - Kenya Muthua-Ini

R 229.00

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Kenya is one of the world’s largest coffee producers, and is specifically lauded for its washed specialty-grade coffee. This particular lot from our friends at Origin Coffee Roasting is from the Nyeri area, which is located on the slopes of Mount Kenya in the Central Kenya region. Nyeri is often affectionately referred to as the ‘champagne’ region equivalent for Kenyan coffee, and Nyeri coffee is known for its bright, intensely fruity flavours. The Muthua-ini Factory where this coffee was processed is one of several wet mills owned by the Mutheka Farmers Cooperative Society, an impact-conscious cooperative that provides its farmers with the means and know-how to ensure sustainable farming practices without compromising on coffee quality.

Muthua-ini sits in one of the highest positions in the Nyeri area, promising optimal coffee growing and processing conditions. Cherries are sourced from several family-owned farms near to the factory. These farms typically cultivate only a few hundred coffee trees on half-acre plots. This smaller-scale production allows producers to carefully and efficiently pick and deliver the very best and suitably ripe cherries to the Muthua-ini Factory. These cherries are sorted a second time at the factory itself, ensuring that only top-quality coffee is processed, packaged, and shipped off to be expertly roasted by our friends at Origin.

Phaedon's tasting notes

Archetypal Kenyan coffees, like this one, are admittedly an acquired taste. They are no slouches on flavour, body or acidity. All of these characteristics tend to be turned up to 11, and this Kenyan is no exception. I personally love this kind of flavour profile, but I wouldn't serve it to anyone looking for a classic type of cup.

This coffee is decidedly bright, with blackcurrant flavours like a glass of Ribena, and a molasses-like smokey sweetness. In some of my brews, it came through with more of a blackberry jam kind of quality, stilly syrupy sweet but even brighter. In my French press brew, it reminded me of wine gums.

I enjoyed this coffee most in my siphon and my French press but it also made a pretty delicious Chemex and batch brew on my MoccaMaster.

Origin’s notes

  • Flavour: Earl grey tea, blackcurrant, red fruit, honey
  • Body: Light, juicy
  • Roast: Light-medium
  • Acidity: Crisp, sweet
  • Suggested brewing methods: AeroPress, siphon, plunger, espresso, espresso & milk, V60

Coffee details from Origin

  • Country: Kenya
  • District: Nyeri
  • Farm: Muthua-ini
  • Altitude: 1900 - 2100 masl
  • Varieties: SL35, SL28
  • Processing: Washed

“In the lush green highlands of Kenya, nestled amidst the rolling hills of the Nyeri region, lies the Kenya Muthuaini Coffee Factory. The name “Muthuaini” itself sparks curiosity as it derives from the Kikuyu language, meaning “a place with many ants.” In the past, the location was indeed plagued by an army of ants that would often sneak into the sugarcane plantation, wreaking havoc for the residents. But the allure of this fertile land was undeniable. The tenacious locals never gave up, and along with their unwavering determination, made this land a coffee-loving community that produces some of the best coffee in the world.

Today, the ant problem is but a distant memory. The Kenya Muthuaini Coffee Factory stands tall as a symbol of resilience and passion for their craft. Drawing fresh water from the Thuta River, the factory employs an ingenious process to ferment their coffee beans, enhancing their delightful flavours. Once pulled, the beans are sun-dried on raised beds, basking under the warm African sun.

This unique story, intertwined with the playful legacy of ants and the dedication of the local farmers, infuses each cup with a touch of magic. So, the next time you savour a cup of Nostalgia’s Kenya Nyeri coffee, let your imagination wander back to the whimsical tales of Muthuaini and raise your cup to a truly delightful coffee adventure.”