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Cedar Colombia El Puente Natural Coffee Beans 250g

Cedar - Colombia El Puente Natural

R 179.00

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The El Puente Mill is a name worth remembering. We've been lucky enough to taste a few great coffees processed there. It is located in the Palestina region of Huila, Colombia, an area known for producing some of the country's best specialty coffees. Given that Colombia as a whole has such a strong reputation in the world of coffee, this makes Huila an important region on a global scale.

The El Puente Mill has embraced variety and innovation in its approach to processing, and our friends at Cedar have taken advantage of this to offer us quite a tasting opportunity. This coffee is a natural-processed lot, which means that the bean (seed) was dried inside its fruit. It's a processing method that is very old but fell out of favour in specialty coffee, though it is experiencing a resurgence in the last few years. It does create a higher risk of spoilage, but when done right, it lends lots of body, sweetness and fruity flavours to the coffee.

While this coffee would be well worth enjoying on its own, you may get even more out of it by comparing it to its honey and washed counterparts which are also available. Having two coffees from the same region to compare is already special, but having three almost identical lots, different only in their processing method is quite something. We would encourage you to try them all!

Phaedon's tasting notes

I have this rule that I've set myself about picking favourites. I'm not supposed to do it, but in this particular instance, I feel the burning urge to declare my affections to the whole world (or at least the few people who bother to read this). I really love this coffee. Don't get me wrong, the other two El Puente lots are also delicious, but this one is sensational.

What surprised me about this coffee was how bright it was. It has lots of acidity, which is something I personally really enjoy, but is also quite surprising from a natural. That acidity came through as citrus to me in most cups, but also raspberry in my Chemex.

Still, it also has some of that subtle fermented flavour that naturals are better known for. There's a hint of booziness to it and lots of wonderful berry notes to savour. It's also very sweet, with a honey-like quality rounding everything out perfectly. It's delicious.

Cedar's notes

  • Cup Profile: Purple & red berries, cocoa nibs, round mouthfeel, juicy finish.

Coffee details

El Puente (meaning bridge) is named after the footbridge over the river near the new El Puente processing facility. This facility in the Palestina region of southern Huila processes coffee from small surrounding farms, of over one hundred families, who produce coffee on their farms and deliver it to El Puente, which is designed to handle larger volumes of coffee than the mills on individual farms can process.

When the coffee arrives at the coffee processing plant, El Puente proceeds to float the coffee in order to eliminate impurities, if in the course they observe that the Brix degrees are low, it is left to ferment for 12 to 24 hours in the sacks and then taken directly to the sun. If the cherries have a good Brix degree content it goes immediately to the sun as the first step in the drying process.

  • Farm/Producer: El Puente Mill
  • Region: Palestina, Huila
  • Country: Colombia
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1550-1980 masl
  • Variety: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Bourbon

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