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Brew Tool Double Spout Espresso Shot Glass

Brew Tool Double Spout Espresso Shot Glass

R 159.00

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Let's be honest. There aren't a lot of baristas pulling single shots these days. The world of speciality coffee has reached rare consensus - double shots are the way to go. The size of the puck just leads to better extractions. Of course if the barista doesn't want to pull a double shot, what do you do for someone who wants to drink a single shot drink? That's where this handy double spout shot glass from Brew Tool comes in.

This cleverly designed shot glass allows you to brew your shot into a transparent marked glass, but it makes it easier to transfer to another cup because of the handle and spouts. You can split your double into a single, or you can just use it to brew your double before pouring it into a takeaway mug. It has markings up to 70ml, at 10ml increments to make pulling and pouring your shot that little bit easier.