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Brew Tool Dosing Cup

Brew Tool Grinder Dosing Cup

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The espresso brewing process can be a little complex in more than one way. Actual brewing technique aside, one also has to bear in mind all of the pieces of equipment involved, both those essential to the whole process and those designed to improve it. Brew Tool specialises in equipment of the latter category, and its dosing cup is sure to improve your workflow.

When brewing a shot of espresso, you can usually dose straight from the grinder's chute into a portafilter. With a dosing cup like Brew Tool's, you instead dose into the cup, then attach your portafilter (overturned) to the cup's opening. Inverting the whole thing moves the ground coffee into the portafilter. This generally leads to more evenly distributed grounds in the portafilter prior to tamping, improving the extraction and taste of your shot. It's also easier to weigh your dose in a cup than in a portafilter carefully balanced on your scale. Dosing into a cup also lets you double-check the weight of your grinder's output before committing it to the portafilter.

Arguably ,the most attractive thing about a dosing cup is that it prevents mess and waste. One of the big pains of grinding into a portafilter is that stray coffee grounds often find their way onto and around your workstation as well as into the filter, which is both a pain to clean up and simply a waste of coffee. Even if your grinder doesn’t have a particular tendency to spray grounds or generate static, chances are it’s not always going to deliver 100% of your dose directly into the portafilter, particularly if said portafilter does not fit it perfectly. A dosing cup like this is the simplest and easiest way to solve this particular problem, and will no doubt speed, clean, and ease up your espresso dosing and brewing process.

Brew Tool Grinder Dosing Cup specifications

  • Diameter: 45 mm (compatible with all 58mm portafilters)
  • Height: 70mm
  • ~ 30g capacity
  • Stainless steel body with silicone grip