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BWT Jug Filter Replacement Cartridge

BWT Penguin Magnesium Mineraliser Water Filter Cartridge

R 399.00

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BWT is an award-winning, internationally recognised water purification company. As a global leader in all things H2O, their products can be found in homes, restaurants, cafes and offices around the world. 

This cartridge is designed for use with the BWT Penguin 2.7 L Magnesium Mineraliser Water Filter Jug. Although the BWT jugs are beautifully designed, it is in the cartridge that the magic really happens. These cartridges are designed to purify and mineralise 120 L of water, and we recommend that you replace them every 28 days. 

Buy your BWT replacement water filter cartridge now and protect your coffee equipment from limescale, improve the flavour and extraction of your daily brew with added magnesium, and enjoy better quality everyday drinking water.

BWT Penguin Magnesium Mineraliser Water Filter Cartridge features & specifications

Please note that your filter cartridges may be branded BWT or Finesky, however, they are manufactured by BWT and exactly the same in either case!