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BWT Penguin Magnesium Mineraiser Jug 2.7L

BWT Penguin 2.7L Magnesium Mineraliser Water Filter Jug

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BWT is an award-winning, internationally recognised water purification company. As a global leader in all things H2O, their products can be found in homes, restaurants, cafes and offices around the world. 

Limescale is the bane of all appliances that use water, and it is caused by a buildup of calcium from water that is too hard. A buildup of limescale in your espresso or filter coffee machine can be a huge issue to contend with; it can wreak havoc and cause permanent damage. Not only will it cause damage to your equipment, but having water with incorrect minerality will have an adverse effect on the taste of your coffee.

The BWT Magnesium Ion Exchange Water Filter uses patented ion exchange technology to extract calcium ions from water and replace them with magnesium ions. The removal of calcium protects your espresso machine from limescale and because magnesium is commonly known as a flavour enhancer, it also results in better-tasting coffee. Not only does the BWT water filter remove calcium, add magnesium and soften your water, it also filters out heavy metals, chemicals or unpleasant tastes or odours from the water leaving you with safe and clean, mineralised water that will make delicious coffee.

Although the BWT water filter is an excellent solution for protecting automatic coffee equipment such as espresso and filter coffee machines, using good quality water with the correct mineral content will make a marked improvement on the flavour of any brewed coffee. Whether you are using it for manual brewing, espresso or batch brew, the BWT water filter can make a difference and has a place in any coffee lover's home!

Buy your BWT water filter now and protect your coffee equipment from limescale, improve the flavour and extraction of your daily brew, and get better quality everyday drinking water.

If you need replacement cartridges, you can get them here.

BWT Penguin 2.7L Magnesium Mineraliser Water Filter Jug features & specifications

  • 2.7 litre capacity
  • Comes with one filter cartridge
  • Removes calcium and chlorine
  • Adds magnesium for great tasting water
  • Ion exchange cartridge lasts for 120l (on average, 28 days)
  • Free from BPAs and other harmful chemicals
  • Improves the flavour of brewed coffee in all brew methods