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Cupping Bowl

Ceramic Cupping Bowl

R 119.00

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Cupping is the speciality coffee industry's standard method for tasting and assessing coffees. It aspires to eliminate the confounding variables of brewing to give an unadulterated glimpse into the quality and potential of a coffee. Consistency in variables is important, so we'd encourage you to check out the SCA's suggested protocols.

These bowls are designed specifically for cupping purposes. They are made of thick, heavy ceramic, and have calibration markings at both 150ml and 200ml. You can choose between a white inside, or a dark brown inside that will help with "blinding" tasters to the colour of the coffee when tasting.

Cupping bowl specifications

  • Material: ceramic
  • Diameter: ~10cm
  • Height: ~6cm
  • Weight: ~220g
  • Capacity: 200ml