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Coffee Bean Tray

Coffee Bean Tray

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Cupping is the speciality coffee industry's standard method for tasting and assessing coffees. It aspires to eliminate the confounding variables of brewing to give an unadulterated glimpse into the quality and potential of a coffee. Consistency in variables is important, so we'd encourage you to check out the SCA's suggested protocols.

Bean trays are used to display coffee beans at a cupping. It's common practice to give the coffee tasters a view of what the beans look like (sometimes both unroasted and roasted) to inform their opinion of the coffee they are tasting. These plastic trays are the perfect shape for this purpose. They are deep enough to avoid spills, and the grooves on the edges make it easy to pour beans neatly back into a bag when finished.

Coffee bean tray specifications

  • Material: plastic
  • Length: ~21cm
  • Width: ~14cm
  • Colour: blue