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Comandante C40 Coffee Grinder Travel Bag

Comandante C40 Coffee Grinder Travel Bag

R 799.00

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Comandante coffee grinder owners are an interesting bunch. They love their coffee, and they really love their Comandante grinder. It's understandable though really. After all, the Comandante is the original premium manual coffee grinder and, many would argue, still the best. It grinds perfectly for everything from Turkish coffee to French press. It even competes with high-end espresso grinders. No wonder it's many coffee lovers' prized possession! 

If you own such a prized possession, you often face a conflict; you want to take it everywhere, but you also want to take care of it. You don't want to expose it to the many dangers and harsh realities of a world full of hazards, bumps and drops. How do you achieve both those objectives?! Here's your answer: you help it travel in style.

Comandante has released these beautiful travel bags, specifically designed to help you take your Comandante grinder anywhere you go, safely and in style. What more could a proud Comandante grinder owner want? What more could a Comandante grinder want?! Buy your Comandante grinder what it really deserves...

Comandante Travel Bag features & specifications

  • Offers space for a Comandante C40 grinder, handle, extra jar, brush and even a cupping spoon!
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Made of cotton & Italian leather
  • Dimensions: 22cm x 24cm 7cm