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Comandante C40MK3 Brown Glass Jar

Comandante C40 Bean Jars & Lids

R 179.00

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The Comandante Bean Jars & Lids are original equipment made by Comandante for the Comandante C40 manual coffee grinder. These jars come are made from durable high-quality glass and are available in coloured brown or transparent clear glass. The jars and lids screw shut for an airtight seal that will keep your beans fresher for longer

Use these jars and lids to store ground coffee or whole coffee beans. They are perfect for bringing small, serving-sized quantities of coffee with you on your coffee making adventures. The jars also screw directly onto the grinder to be used as your grinding chamber. Whether you are looking for a few extra jars or your original jar has broken, this should be just what you need.

Note: jars come with lids, but lids are also sold separately!

Comandante C40 Bean Jar & Lid

  • 45g capacity
  • Available in brown coloured glass or clear transparent glass
  • Lids sold separately
  • Made from high-quality durable glass
  • Screw-top lids for an airtight seal
  • Fits both MK3 & MK4 grinders