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Digital Coffee Timer

Digital Coffee Timer

R 539.00

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One of the most important variables you need to control when brewing coffee in any method is extraction time. A few seconds in either direction can easily yield a weak or bitter brew so using a timer is highly recommended. This particular digital timer is perfect for coffee brewers and features 4 groups which means you can time up to 4 extractions at the same time! Each one can count up like a stopwatch or count down to an alarm. Easy to stand on its own or stick to something with the built in magnet, this is about as convenient as a timer can get.

Product features

  • Built in stand for use on the counter
  • Magnet for easy attachment to coffee machines and other appliances
  • Batteries included
  • 4 separate timers / groups
  • Ability to count up or count down to an alarm
  • Easily set hours, minutes and seconds separately