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Majortech MT605 Digital Pocket Thermometer Blue

Digital Pocket Thermometer

R 519.00

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Measuring your water temperature is very important when trying to make your coffee brew consistent. Brewing too hot should always be avoided as it can lead to a bitter and burnt flavour from your coffee. However, brewing too cold can lead to under-extraction.

Of course most people don't have the right tools available at home to accurately measure water temperature, which is where this digital pocket thermometer comes in. Although not specifically designed for coffee brewing, we find it does the job perfectly. Quite accurate to the closest degree and with the ability to take a reading in a few seconds, it's just what you need to make sure your water is at the desired temperature.

Its pen style and long temperature probe make it well suited to taking a reading from a kettle and even for measuring the temperature of the coffee slurry itself (for those who want to really keep tabs on their brewing variables). Easy to clean and transport, this little accessory is very handy wherever you're brewing coffee.

Product features & specifications

  • Pen type style with sheath for temperature probe
  • Temperature measurement from -40°C to 250°C
  • Data Hold & auto power off
  • 0.1°C Resolution
  • Min and Max record mode
  • 115mm stainless steel sensor probe
  • Able to withstand a 2m drop
  • Selectable °C or °F