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Bialetti Spare Glass Beaker For French Press Coffee Plunger

Bialetti French Press Coffee Plunger Spare Glass Beaker

R 229.00

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If you've broken or damaged the glass of your Bialetti french press/coffee plunger you can replace it without having to buy a whole new unit. These glass beakers are manufactured by Bialetti themselves and are exactly the same as the originals. Please be sure to pick the right size for your particular plunger (they come in two sizes)!

These tempered glass beakers will ONLY fit Bialetti French press coffee plungers - please don't try to use them with other brands!

Bialetti French press spare glass beaker features & specifications

  • Made of hardened borosilicate glass
  • Manufactured by Bialetti for Bialetti French press coffee makers
  • Available in 3 Cup (350ml) & 8 Cup (1L) sizes
  • Suitable for Preziosa and Smart French press coffee plungers