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Rancilio Cleaning Kit

Rancilio Cleaning Kit

R 299.00

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The Rancilio Silvia is known for its longevity as well as the great coffee it produces. You'll find many happy Silvia owners out there who have been pulling shots on their trusty Italian machine for the better part of a decade. The secret to the Silvia's long life isn't just the high quality build though - you need to ensure you're regularly maintaining the machine, and that means cleaning the group head and descaling to remove both coffee residue and water deposits.

This simple Rancilio cleaning kit includes some of the key items you need for that cleaning routine. Buy one to give your Silvia long life!

The Rancilio Cleaning Kit includes:

  • 2x 28g Urnex Dezcal Sachets
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 250g of Detergent