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Gaggia Walnut Bottomless Portafilter

Presso Walnut Bottomless Portafilter For Gaggia

R 895.00

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Do you need a new portafilter for your Gaggia Classic? Have you considered trying a naked or bottomless portafilter? Originally designed purely as training tools, bottomless portafilters have become all the rage. When you get your distribution, tamp and grind setting just right, the visual of that espresso oozing out of the filter basket is quite something.

Of course, naked portafilters aren't just about the aesthetic. As a training tool, bottomless portafilters were designed to help baristas figure out if they were dosing, distributing and tamping correctly. A bottomless portafilter is a lot less forgiving than one with spouts, so be warned: if you're lazy about your preparation, you may be met with some spray.

Designed specifically for the Gaggia Classic, these portafilters also sport a beautiful walnut handle. This will make your espresso machine looks its best and would be perfectly paired with a matching walnut wood tamper.

Please note that the portafilter does not come with a filter basket, but you can use your existing filter baskets with it!

A note on distribution

If your bottomless portafilter is showing you that you're struggling with channelling, your issue may be uneven distribution in your puck. Here are some tools designed to help with that: