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Every now and then we stumble across a brand that has a story that really resonates with us. Huskee Cup is without a doubt one of these brands. Huskee started with a vision to make coffee as much of a zero-waste product as possible and they began their journey at the beginning of a coffee bean's journey. Having realised how much raw material is discarded as waste in the production of coffee, they decided to repurpose this and by creating a unique polymer from the husk of the coffee cherry, the Huskee Cup was born. 

Huskee is an award winning Australian company that has created an eco friendly solution to the worldwide problem of single use cups with the development of their zero waste reuseable coffee cup. They have since expanded their range to include serving wear. Not only are Huskee’s products eco friendly, but they are beautifully designed and look good wherever you see them.

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