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Nanopresso Barista Kit L-Case

Nanopresso Barista Kit L-Case

R 380.00

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If you own the Nanopresso and the Barista Kit, you must have run into the hassle of carrying both of them around separately. Maybe you have a case for your Nanopresso, but then you have to remove the Barista Kit, and it's a bit of a pain to go fishing around for separate components in your bag. That is now a thing of the past with the new case designed to fit around a Nanopresso with a Barista Kit fitted on. It's all one convenient package.

More coffee when travelling or on a camping trip is always welcome, and this means your setup will be assembled and ready to provide just that. The Barista Kit allows you to pull a double shot of espresso and now the whole bundle fits in one case - no assembly, no delay, just quick espresso gratification!

Made from EVA material and soft fabric lining, The Nanopresso L-Case helps protect your precious Nanopresso and essential Barista Kit upgrade from any damage they may encounter during your trip or at the bottom of your bag.

Nanopresso Barista Kit Case specifications & features

  • Dimensions: 230 x 77 x 72 mm
  • Built-in attachment loop for carabiner
  • Fits Nanopresso with a Barista Kit attachment on
  • Durable EVA material
  • Light and compact