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Espresso Equipment Installation Information

Commercial espresso machine set-up

If you've purchased espresso equipment from Cape Coffee Beans, and need it installed, the following information is for you!

We’re grateful that you’re choosing us as your coffee expert partner on this journey. We aim to help you avoid delays, and extra costs, and to ensure your brand-new equipment is working properly before it’s installed by a CCB-approved technician. With the help of the information outlined below, we’ll aim to make the installation happen without any issues. This document is the official guideline to ready your space for an installation by a CCB-approved technician.

Pre-installation requirements

Please take note that the following needs to be in place before installation will be booked.

  • Approved water filtration on site or supplied by Cape Coffee Beans.
    • Adequate space for three-part water filtration under-counter or within 1 meter from the position of the espresso machine.
  • Approved water drainage within 1 meter from the position of the espresso machine and below the level of the espresso machine.
  • A municipal water point within 1 meter from the position of the espresso machine.
    • If Flojet operated, bottled filtered water source within 1 meter from the position of the espresso machine.
  • All extra plumbing fittings (provided by Cape Coffee Beans or the customer).
  • Approved power source for single phase equipment:
    • Dedicated three-point plug per piece of equipment
    • 20 amp circuit breaker
  • Approved power source for 3 phase equipment:
    • Wall isolator for 3 phase within a meter from the installation site
    • 30 amp circuit breaker from the distribution board
    • 50mm (minimum size) - 60mm hole in the counter where the espresso machine will be positioned.
    • The counter where the espresso machine will be positioned must be able to carry the weight of the equipment. Please consult the specifications and dimensions of your equipment to determine the total weight and size. 

    Photos or videos are required to verify each point above. Installation cannot be booked until photos are received.

    Please note: Additional charges will apply if the site is not ready when the installation technician arrives.

    Contact details for questions

    If any part of this document is unclear, or if you need any other assistance, please contact our Technical Service department for additional information.

    • Technical Service and Sales
    • service@capecoffeebeans.co.za
    • 021 300 6247