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Expobar Markus Mini Control Espresso Machine

Expobar Markus Mini Control Commercial Espresso Machine

R 28,995.00

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The Expobar Markus Mini Control is a full-featured commercial espresso machine in a compact package, perfectly suited to small restaurants, coffee bars or cafés. In the hands of a trained barista, it will provide top quality coffee beverages for your customers. It also includes a separate steam wand and a hot water dispenser, ensuring it can cater to all your hot beverage requirements.

Despite its small footprint it houses a 6 litre copper boiler which is automatically filled from a water mains connection. It features an electronic switch board connected to a volumetric pump, allowing you to pre-program up to 4 different types of coffee beverages available at the push of a button. It also comes in a single group and a two group option (each with its own volumetric switch board) for an impressive amount of throughput for a machine of its size.

Expobar Markus Mini Control Key Features

  • Volumetric pump
  • 4 Programmable dose buttons per group
  • Auto-fill copper boiler with heat exchanger
  • Group head with pre-infusion chamber
  • One steam wand & one hot water dispenser
  • Available in single group or double group configuration
  • Comes with 1x single filter handle
  • Comes with 1x double filter handle per group

Expobar Markus Mini Control Specifications

  • 230V/2850W
  • 240 espressos per hour (1 group) / 480 espresso per hour (2 groups)
  • 455mm W X 523mm H X 580mm D
  • 6L Boiler Capacity