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Hario Cold Brew Clear Water Dripper

Hario Cold Brew Clear Water Dripper

R 4,999.00

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There are many cold brew coffee makers out there. For the easiest starting point, a simple immersion brewer will yield pretty tasty results, but for many coffee aficianados, Japanese-style cold drip is considered to be the pinnacle of cold brew. The cold drip method, when done just right, will yield greater clarity & complexity in the cup, though it does require more in the way of mastery.

For home use, or even small commercial batches, it's hard to beat Hario's Clear Water Dripper as a cold brewing tool. From its looks, to the precision and utility of its components, it's a beautifully designed coffee maker.

It comes with all the parts you need for that perfect cold brew extraction, including a plunger-like steel filter assembly to put in the coffee ground chamber - a feature many other cold brew towers lack. It also has an adjustable valve to help you control your flow rate, giving you the opportunity to perfectly "dial in" the extraction for each coffee you cold brew.

Hario Clear Water Dripper Features & Specifications

  • Made in Japan
  • Hardened glass components with plastic frame
  • Stainless steel filter
  • Adjustable metal valve to control drip rate
  • Brews up to 750ml of coffee
  • Easy to clean