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Black bag of Origin Rwanda Rugali coffee

Origin Coffee Roasting - Rwanda Rugali

R 199.00

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Having been thoroughly impressed and excited by this type of coffee in the past, the phrase “Rwanda Natural” tends to prick up our ears at Cape Coffee Beans. This particular lot comes from the Rugali Washing Station, located in the Nyamasheke district of western Rwanda. Rugali is famously one of the first two Rwandan washing stations to be granted approval to produce natural and black honey coffees, the other being the Kilimbi washing station.

As with Cedar’s current Rwandan offering, the Rugali Washing Station is owned by the Muraho Trading Company, a Rwandan coffee exporter founded by brothers Karthick and Gaudam Anbalagan, who began their coffee journey with one fundamental goal: to put Rwanda’s incredible specialty coffee, and in turn the country itself and its people, on display for world. Moreover, MTCo. is committed to closely supporting its farmers, improving their livelihoods and coffee yields in tandem. Rugali is known today for producing top-quality natural coffees, and has produced numerous competition coffees in the past. This particular lot promises big, rich fruit flavours with a pleasantly tart wine-like acidity.

Phaedon’s tasting notes

I thoroughly enjoyed this coffee, even if it wasn't quite what I expected of a natural-processed Rwandan. It actually reminded me of some of the best washed Rwandan lots I've tried. There was a prominent note of jammy stone fruit, primarily of the darker variety, as well as a distinctive apple note that I've learned to look out for in some of my favourite Rwandan lots. I enjoyed this medley of fruit flavours most in my siphon brew and my moka pot.

Origin’s notes

  • Flavour: Plum, winey, floral
  • Body: Medium
  • Roast: Medium
  • Acidity: Crisp, red apple
  • Suggested brewing methods: Siphon, AeroPress, V60, plunger, espresso, milk-based espresso

Coffee details from Origin

  • Country: Rwanda
  • District: Nyamasheke
  • Farm: Rugali
  • Altitude: 1550 - 1800 masl
  • Variety: Red Bourbon
  • Processing: Natural

“The Rugali washing station is located on the shores of Lake Kivu, in the Nyamasheke district, western Rwanda. With 124 drying beds, the station serves 1,150 farmers who deliver cherries to this station. Rugali has five full-time staff members and expands to 180 seasonal workers during the harvest season.

Muraho, our partner in Rwanda this year, who works directly with small producers in five washing stations located in two of the main coffee-growing areas of the country. Muraho’s objective is to promote better agricultural practices and with this, increase the quality and volume of production, thus improving the quality of life of coffee growers. Last season, Muraho developed nurseries for a total of 110,000 coffee trees (Kilimbi 50,000 and Rugali 60,000) and distributed them to coffee growers in the Nyamasheke district. This crop renewal program is much needed, as a large percentage of African coffee trees are between 40 and 50 years old and their yields are low.”