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Origin Tanzania Coffee Beans

Origin Coffee Roasting - Tanzania Lunji Estate AA

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We've been missing the fruity, tangy and quirky flavours of Origin's Tanzanian AA finds of late. The summer had quite a few for us to savour. Thankfully our friends at Origin Coffee Roasting have found another of that ilk to share with us and we've been thoroughly enjoying it at CCBHQ.

This coffee has a lot to offer, with tangy tropical fruit and tart berry flavours in most brews. It also has a profound sweetness that makes it a real pleasure to drink. At times the combination of the berry flavours, body and sweetness even reminded us a little of Christmas cake!

We'd highly recommend you brew this coffee in whatever immersion brew method you have available, such as a siphon or French Press, though you're likely to enjoy it in most manual brew methods.

Roaster's notes

  • Flavour: Sugar cane, Passion fruit, Cranberry
  • Body: Medium, Smooth
  • Roast: Light-Medium
  • Acidity: Vibrant, Citrus/apple
  • Suitable for: Pour-over, Siphon, Moka pot

Coffee details

  • Farm: Lunji Estate
  • Owner: Clemens & Stella Maier & Thomas Plattner
  • Varieties: Blue Mountain Bourbon, Blue Mountain Typica, Bourbon SL28, Bourbon N39, Kent, Pacamara
  • Processing: Fully washed & sun dried on African beds
  • Altitude: 1,600 to 1,650 masl
  • Town/City: Ihombe
  • Region: Mbeya
  • Country: Tanzania