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Rosetta Roastery Colombia Coffee Beans

Rosetta Roastery - Colombia Villa Clabelina

R 185.00

We receive fresh deliveries of these coffee beans twice per week. Please allow up to 3-4 working days after you order for dispatch in case we need to wait for the next delivery.

We've come to anticipate new Colombian releases from Rosetta Roastery as much as their wonderful Ethiopian and Kenyan offerings. They've had a particularly delicious run of coffees from the Huila region in the last few years, but this new release from Antioquia is every bit as delicious.

Despite being a relatively light roast, even by Rosetta's standards, this Colombian coffee has an impressive amount of body and sweetness, which yields a very balanced and delicious result in most cups. We've tried it as espresso, filter, pour-over and even Aeropress and the results were mouth-watering every time.

There's a veritable medley of tart fruit flavours to enjoy in this coffee. Sometimes we found citrus notes most pronounced. Other times we found more of those berry and tropical fruit notes coming to the fore. Higher extractions yielded something more like stone fruit to our palates. In all cases, the results made us want more!

Roaster's notes

Style: Progressive | Bold, sweet & juicy, with ripe berries & tropical fruit

High-grown Colombians aren't too different from dense Kenyans, which require a lot of heat when heading into first crack. We keep development time relatively short, as we are quite fond of that juicy berry tropical fruit and berry acidity.

Coffee details

The farm of Villa Clabelina saw its first trees planted more than 50 years ago. Today, brothers Hernan Prieto Soto and Eugenio Prieto Soto have roughly 100 000 trees on their 22-hectare farm. They focus their efforts on the Caturra variety, with a small portion of the bourbon-descended Colombia variety.

  • Altitude: 1510 - 1800m ASL
  • Processing: Washed
  • Variety: Colombia
  • Harvest: 2019
  • Region: Bolivar, Antioquia
  • Country: Colombia
  • Producer: Hernan and Eugenio Prieto Soto