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Rosetta Roastery - the Single Origin evangelists

Rosetta Roastery logoOne only has to take a glance at the pricing board on the wall of Rosetta Roastery's Woodstock coffee shop and headquarters to realise that they take a different approach to coffee. Down the left hand side, you find the usual list of coffee types - flat white, espresso, americano, etc. - though the presence of alternative methods like a pourover already hint at the fact that this is a place to explore and discover new outlets for a love of coffee. But it's the list of exotic names along the top of the board, helping to form a matrix of options, that leaves the newby staring as they try to decide what their choice should be. Fortunately Jono, Rob or Oli are quick to jump in and help you understand the implications of each particular intersection of preparation method and coffee bean. You'll always find a cup that you will enjoy there, and if you're adventurous, you've got a good chance of finding one that will change your perspective on coffee.

For us, that cup was an Ethiopiean Yirgacheffe prepared meticulously as a pourover by Oli, a barista whose skills helped put Rosetta Roastery on the list of the 10 most memorable Baristas of 2013. We're happy to say that we immortalised that particular preparation (even if in a somewhat blurry manner - see attached photo) as it genuinely was a memorable moment in our journey of coffee discovery. It didn't taste at all like what you might expect from a cup of coffee. It was bright and fruity, with a natural sweetness, and incredibly distinct berry flavours - delicious and also completely different to your typical cup of joe.

Oli - Rosetta Roastery - Pourover CoffeeHaving spent some more time with the guys at Rosetta Roastery since then, we now know that this is exactly the kind of eye-opening coffee-experiences one can expect there. Even better, you only have to strike up a conversation with one of the guys behind the bar to get a real education in the coffee you're drinking - where it comes from, how the beans were prepared, how they then roasted them and what it is that gives it its unique characteristics. It's that focus on those unique characteristics that sets Rosetta Roastery apart.

About Rosetta Roastery - Cape Town's Single Origin guys

Founded in 2010, you could call Rosetta a fairly new kid on the block, but their reputation within the world of South African coffee is much bigger than the business's age would suggest. Their unique approach to coffee and passion for what they do is undoubtedly what has made their name as well known as it is to coffee aficionados. They place a great emphasis on the sourcing of the beans they use - scanning the globe for quality coffees with unique flavours. Once they have sourced their coffee beans, they take great care in finding their roasting profiles - the roast that will best accentuate their natural characteristics. They then sell those beans to their lucky customers in this unadulterated form.

Their focus on Single Origin rather than blended coffees already sets them apart from most of the Cape-area coffee roasters but their dedication to educating their customers about what each coffee-producing region of the world has to offer makes them quite unique. That's why Rosetta Roastery is a great place to visit when you're ready to start exploring coffee in more depth.

What we love about Rosetta Roastery

As is probably already clear, we really love Rosetta Roastery's unrelenting focus on Single Origin coffee. We're as fond as the next person of a delicious coffee blend but finding a different approach to coffee is refreshing and only helps expand one's appreciation for this drink we consume ever day. We also love their passion for the topic - having a chat with Jono or Rob about coffee is inspiring and educational. What makes visiting Rosetta even better is that they are as friendly and welcoming to their customers as they are passionate about coffee. You'll always be greeted and served with a smile and often you'll be lucky enough to benefit from their deep knowledge of the industry.

For those who are ready to get to know the coffee they are drinking much more intimately and are in the Cape Town area, a visit to Rosetta Roastery at the Woodstock Exchange is a must. We're thrilled to be able to sell their coffees, from each region of the world, at Cape Coffee Beans so that you can try what they have to offer from home. Have a look at their page on the site and discover your favourite coffee-producing regions!


Hi there, I’m interested in ordering coffee from you guys but I’m based in joburg. How much would it cost to courier it and how long would it take? Do u sell coffee grinders as well? Is manual better than electric? Please send through prices. Thanks!

Posted by Rachell on March 21, 2017

Thanks for the interest and the chat earlier Rachell! Hope those recommendations help :-)

Posted by CCB on March 22, 2017

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