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Rosetta Roastery Colombia Villa Clabelina Natural

Rosetta Roastery - Colombia Villa Clabelina Natural

R 180.00

We receive fresh deliveries of these coffee beans twice per week. Please allow up to 3-4 working days after you order for dispatch in case we need to wait for the next delivery.

Brothers, Hernan Prieto Soto and Eugenio Prieto Soto who own Villa Clabelina believe that “coffee is an experience, a feeling." That's certainly a sentiment we share, and one that resonates with our excitement at the arrival of another lot from this family-run farm in Antioquia.

We've come to anticipate new Colombian releases from Rosetta Roastery as much as their wonderful Ethiopian and Kenyan offerings, and back in 2019, before the world went a little crazy, there was a particularly delicious washed lot that we enjoyed from Villa Clabelina. It's great to see this farm's crops back in Rosetta's roaster.

Phaedon's tasting notes

I must admit that this lot of Villa Clabelina made me work a little harder than its predecessor. I suppose it's not a bad thing if you have to pay particular attention to your brewing method and parameters. At its best, this coffee was truly delicious, and I seemed to find, citrus, stone fruit and even some spicy notes in my best cups. I made those cups with my trusty Bialetti Venus moka pot, and my Hario siphon. The siphon in particular revealed some fruit, sweetness and balance that I didn't manage to get in pour-over or other immersion brews. That may mean it's worth experimenting a bit more with higher brewing temperatures on other methods. In the meantime, I would highly recommend this coffee for espresso and a siphon.

Rosetta's notes

Style: Progressive
Flavour profile: Crisp & clean, sweet red apple, black cherry

As the popularity of experimentally processing coffee grows globally, we see a greater prevalence of these lots cropping up in growing regions such as Colombia where the primary focus has historically been geared toward clean, sweet washed coffees.

At Villa Clabelina, they have invested in new drying rooms which have given them the capacity to more easily produce honey and natural lots. This attention to refining their alternative processing results in less heavy ferment in the cup; simply accentuating the clean, elegant Colombians we’ve come to know and love.

Coffee details

Brothers, Hernan Prieto Soto and Eugenio Prieto Soto, are the owners of Villa Clabelina, a farm that had its first coffee trees planted more than fifty years ago. Juan Saldarriaga, specialty evangelist responsible for bringing many young producers into the market and establishing the Coffee Growers Association, has been helping them manage the farm.

The members of the association work together to produce coffee of high quality at fair prices, sharing their knowledge and skills to improve production protocols and methods. They focus on maintaining sustainable work practices and conserving the environment.

  • Altitude: 1510 - 1800m ASL
  • Processing: Natural
  • Variety: Colombia
  • Harvest: 2021/22
  • Region: Bolivar, Antioquia
  • Country: Colombia
  • Producer: Hernan and Eugenio Prieto Soto