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Timemore Cold Brew Clear Ice Dripper Set

Timemore Cold Brew Ice Dripper Set

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Cold-brewed coffee (cold brew, for short) is all the rage these days. That's not just because of increasingly hot summers, though a cold brew on ice is particularly refreshing; it's also because coffee that is brewed cold shows different and often quite enjoyable characteristics when compared to traditionally (hot) brewed coffee.

The long, slow (but cold) extraction times used for cold brew tend to yield lots of sweetness, accompanied by plenty of body and aromatics, but with much less acidity. That makes cold brew a more enjoyable way to drink coffee for some coffee lovers.

The challenge with cold brew is it can be a bit of a mission to make. It takes several hours (that's unavoidable) but most cold brewers are designed to make big batches, using clunky equipment. The engineers at Timemore have stepped in and solved that problem, as they are wont to do when it comes to manual brewing problems!

The Timemore Ice Dripper is specifically designed to make cold brew coffee for one, in a few hours, in your fridge. The high-quality, beautifully engineered coffee maker makes the task of cold brewing small batches, easy and precise (thanks to an adjustable tap). It employs the drip method of cold brewing, which many consider more desirable because it yields a "cleaner" cup with more flavour clarity.

Because the Ice Dripper is also quick to clean, making several batches in a day is also perfectly practical. Buy a Timemore Ice Dripper to make yourself refreshing cold brew coffee every day.

Timemore Ice Dripper brewing recommendations

  • Add 23-25g of coarsely/plunger grind coffee to the basket (between sugar and coarse sea salt in consistency)
  • Place the basket on the glass jug
  • Pour enough water to saturate ground coffee evenly (~50-60g)
  • Place a paper filter on the wet grinds to aid even water distribution.
  • Not critical as the screen will do this to some extent
  • Place the feeder on top of the jug and basket
  • Close the tap to mark 0
  • Add 300g of cold water
  • Carefully open the tap, regulating the flow rate to 7-8 drops per 10 second
  • Place in fridge until the brew is completed in 2-4 hours

Timemore Cold Brew Ice Dripper Set features 

  • Luxurious build quality
  • Precision tap for ultimate flow control
  • Numbered scale on the tap
  • Easy to clean
  • Filters included

Timemore Cold Brew Ice Dripper Set specifications

  • Capacity: 250-300ml of cold brew (yield)
  • Material: Borosilicate glass (hardened glass), aluminium alloy and frosted Tritan (BPA-free, shatter-resistant plastic)
  • Height: 320mm
  • Diameter: 80mm
  • Available only in white with silver tap