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One of the best things about AeroPress Coffee Maker is that it's highly portable. Easy to throw in a bag and made of durable plastic, it's the perfect way to make coffee pretty much anywhere. Of course, to make great coffee, you need to grind just before you brew and that's where the Porlex Mini Mill Coffee Grinder comes in. It is one of the most popular coffee grinders because of its highly consistent grind, easy to adjust settings and ergonomic design. Even better, it is also highly portable! It's so small, it will actually fit inside the AeroPress body and because it has no glass parts, it's less likely to break in transit.

These two little devices are considered a perfect match by coffee professionals the world over. You can now buy them together at a discounted price including free delivery!

About the Porlex Coffee Grinder

The Porlex Mini Mill is one of the best manual grinders money can buy. In fact, many of the roasters we work with recommend it as their manual grinder of choice. It can be adjusted to grind as coarse as needed for a coffee plunger and as fine as needed for espresso. In between there are a variety of settings which can be used for the AeroPress. It has a high quality conical, ceramic burr for a very consistent grind and it is incredibly portable!

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About the AeroPress Coffee Maker

The AeroPress has been called the ultimate tactical coffee maker. It can make rich, concentrated espresso-like coffee or delicious filter-style coffee quickly and easily. It's compact and made of plastic which also makes it the ideal coffee maker for travel or camping, though many people just use it as their home brewing device. If you're going to own just one coffee maker, this may just be the best choice out there!

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