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1Zpresso X-Pro S Manual Coffee Grinder

1Zpresso X-Pro S Manual Coffee Grinder

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Please note that espresso grinders are tested before dispatch. This may result in some residual coffee grounds in the grinder. Rest assured that this is a brand new product that has been tested to ensure optimal performance

1Zpresso may be the new kids on the block, but they have made big waves in the coffee industry. This group of Taiwanese coffee-loving engineers has taken hand grinders to the next level. Eschewing the traditional trappings of the space, like glass & plastic parts and ceramic burrs, they've built an unrivalled range of robust, incredibly precise manual grinders for all applications. Their grinders all use high-quality steel burrs and aluminium alloy bodies, making them as hardy as they are effective.

About the 1Zpresso X-Pro S Manual Coffee Grinder

The 1Zpresso X-Pro model may look similar to some of its beloved brethren, but it's actually been designed to be quite different from some of the other 1Zpresso's hand grinders. The most conspicuous difference is the form factor. It's a little shorter, a little narrower and a little lighter than some of its bigger brothers, making it a bit more portable. The tradeoff is a slightly smaller burr set at 40mm (vs. 48mm in the larger 1Zpresso grinders) and a slightly smaller hopper capacity, but brewing for one, and certainly, for travel, the X-Pro would make an excellent choice.

The X-Pro also has a few of its own tricks up its sleeve as well. It houses a new heptagonal burr set that 1Zpresso has designed specifically to maximise clarity in brews through greater consistency. It also features a refined outside adjustment dial which is easy to zero and offers 10 stepped 'clicks' across 6 different numbered settings, for a total of 60 settings per rotation. You can actually rotate the setting dial at least three or four times, providing you with at least a couple of hundred grind settings! These settings are just 12.5 microns apart, offering plenty of control over your grind consistency, across a spectrum of settings from Turkish, all the way to French press, with everything in between.

1Zpresso X-Pro S features

  • External adjustment for easy calibration
  • Dual-bearing shaft for stability and consistent grind
  • Anti-slip silicone leather on the main body.
  • 40mm heptagonal burrs for uniform grind consistency at all settings
  • Ergonomic handle for strain-free grinding
  • New foldable 'S' handle for easier transport and storage
  • Easy disassembly build for quick and easy cleaning
  • Fast grinding
  • Comes with: grinder, manual, cleaning brush and small rubber grip

1Zpresso X-Pro S specifications

  • Weight: ~613g
  • Dimensions: 17.5 cm (height) x 12 cm (handle) x 5.2 (width) cm
  • Hopper capacity: 25-30g of coffee beans
  • Burr material: stainless steel
  • Burr diameter: 40mm conical heptagonal burr (7 spoke burr)
  • Body material: aluminium alloy, wood
  • Grind settings: 60 clicks per rotation, stepped
  • Grind setting resolution: 12.5 microns

Warning: do not clean your 1Zpresso grinder with water!