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BWT besthead flex cartridge head

BWT Besthead Flex Cartridge Head

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BWT is leading the charge in water filtration and purification solutions around the globe. Its award-winning designs can be found in homes, cafes, restaurants, and hotels everywhere. Water filtration with regard to espresso is a complex matter at the best of times! While there are certain minerals that you want to remove completely, mostly it's a balancing act. You want to find the right minerals, in the right amounts to mitigate limescale and keep your water (and therefore coffee) tasting good.

The BWT Best Head Flex Cartridge Head is designed to give you the control you need to tweak your municipal water exactly the way you want. With a unique adjustable design that fits any BWT water filter cartridge (and water filter cartridges from some other manufacturers), you can choose the filter cartridge that best suits you and your needs, and you can change it as you see fit.

BWT filter cartridges use ion exchange technology to replace undesirable minerals such as chlorine and calcium with desirable minerals such as magnesium or zinc (different cartridges offer different mineral compositions). The BWT Besthead Flex Cartridge Head offers the ability to adjust the amount of water you want to mineralise through the ion exchange by using a simple bypass in order to blend mineralised and unmineralised water. This allows you to tweak the level of filtration depending on the hardness of your municipal water and your desired water composition. The Besthead Flex Cartridge Head is also designed with adjustable pipe connections, allowing it to fit in small/awkward spaces.

Buy your BWT Besthead Flex Cartridge Head now and protect your espresso machine from limescale while making your water and coffee taste amazing. Cartridges are sold here.

BWT Besthead Flex Cartridge Head features and specification

  • Remove undesirable minerals that taste bad and cause limescale
  • Add flavour-enhancing minerals to improve the taste of your water
  • Adjustable cartridge head fits all BWT cartridges (and some others)
  • Designed with adjustable pipe connections help it fit in small/awkward places
  • Adjustable water settings - you decide how much water passes through the ion exchange
  • Compatible with any plumbable espresso machine

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