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BWT Bestmax Smart Filter Cartridges

BWT Bestmax Smart Water Filter Cartridge

R 1,499.00

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If you’re looking to enhance the flavour of your coffee, extend the lifespan of your espresso machine, or both, then you should consider picking up a BWT water filtration solution, and a Bestmax Smart water filter cartridge to match.

Bestmax Smart filter cartridges are the perfect solution for enhancing the taste of your coffee and protecting your machinery. Using an intensive 5-stage filtration process, these cartridges filter out particles that inevitably end up in municipal water, like tiny dust or sand particles, as well as compounds and minerals such as calcium that affect the water’s taste and texture. Each cartridge also contains an activated charcoal fleece that eliminates organic substances and chlorine from your water, resulting in clearer, softer water and tastier coffee.

As well as affecting flavour, the high mineral content of municipal water can lead to machine damage in the long term. When municipal water is heated in an espresso machine, these minerals solidify as limescale (calcium carbonate) inside. Limescale builds up over time and eventually causes problems like reduced machine efficiency, altered taste and even physical damage. By filtering out excessive mineral content from your water, BWT Bestmax Smart cartridges prevent limescale from accumulating in your equipment and thus extend its longevity.

Keep in mind that a Bestmax Smart filter cartridge does not work on its own. It is one half of BWT’s water filter system and needs to be attached to a BWT Besthead filter head. Pick both up now to protect your espresso machine from harmful limescale and enhance the taste of your coffee.

BWT Bestmax Smart water filter cartridge features and specification

  • 5-​stage filtration system
  • Activated charcoal fleece for consistently crystal-clear water
  • Ion Exchange process to remove and replace unwanted ions
  • Removes undesirable minerals that taste bad and cause limescale buildup
  • Simple installation, vertical or horizontal, via universal BWT Besthead FLEX connection technology
  • 6-12 month lifespan

Please note that the BWT Besthead filter head shown in the image on top of each cartridge is sold separately.