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La Marzocco snap on portafilter spout double

La Marzocco Snap On Portafilter Spout

R 829.00

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La Marzocco has a uniquely designed portafilter spout that snaps onto you portafilter and is held in place by rubber o-rings. Standard screw-on portafilter spouts often end up pouring at strange angles as the thread wears and changes. This can lead to inconveniences when pulling shots (particularly if splitting shots) and tamping against a counter. This convenient snap-on design means that you are not limited by the threading on your portafilter and regardless of how old it is, it will always sit squarely. It's the attention to these smaller details that really put La Marzocco a cut above the rest,

You can choose between a single spout, typically paired with a single filter basket, and a double spout, which is more commonly used for all applications including splitting a shot. These spouts are made of high-grade stainless steel that is easy to keep polished, shiny and clean and, unlike brass or chrome-plated equipment, won't degrade over time.

La Marzocco Snap-On Portafilter Spouts will only fit the newer line of La Marzocco Portafilters. They are not compatible with older, threaded models. Rubber o-ring sold separately.

La Marzocco Snap On Portafilter Spouts features and specifications

  • The option of a single or double spout
  • Easy to use snap-on design
  • Compatible with the newer line of La Marzocco portafilters
  • Made from stainless steel