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250g bag of Bean There Olga's Reserve coffee

Bean There - Olga's Reserve Rwanda Musasa Anaerobic

R 195.00

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What’s really brilliant about Bean There is that in addition to sourcing fantastic coffee from 6 African countries, they form meaningful, long-term relationships with the growers they work with, and strive to improve their livelihoods with a focus on sustainability, ethical sourcing and direct fair trade practices. Bean There actually pays above market price for the coffees they roast in an effort to ensure that the farmers and producers with whom they work really are fairly compensated.

Bean There typically offers the same 6 African single origin coffees year round, plus one blend, and while we’ve come to greatly appreciate the consistency and quality that such an approach to roasting and distribution lends itself to, this does mean that we don’t often get to gush about new Bean There coffees. That’s one of quite a few reasons that we’re so excited about Olga’s Reserve.

We’ve had the pleasure of offering an edition of Olga's Reserve in the past, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to do it again. This time around it’s a specially selected Rwandan coffee which has undergone an anaerobic natural process, whereby the coffee cherry is placed to ferment in a controlled environment with the fruit and skin still on. The result is a coffee with big, vibrant fruity flavours, one that we think showcases and celebrates Bean There’s amazing work in the coffee industry, and that of the producers with whom they work so closely.

Phaedon’s tasting notes

I get pretty excited about Olga's Reserve releases. Part of this is because of how much i value our partnership with Bean There, and appreciate what they do. Part of this is that they have a history of dropping flavour bombs under this label. It seems that this tradition continues... this is a killer coffee.

Be warned though, this special release is no subtle flavour experience. This coffee is delightfully bold. It's full-bodied; it's intensely sweet; it's fruity; it's aromatic; it's really quite something. This was one of those sample bags in my cupboard that was brewed to the last bean. I couldn't get enough of it. To be honest, I even went through a second.

I loved this coffee in an AeroPress, a pour-over, a siphon, in batch brew, and even my moka pot - basically, every which way I tried it. Though, I took note of the fact that it had something slightly different to offer in each brew method. In my siphon, I thought I was tasting ripe red cherries. In my V60, it was the molasses-like sweetness that came through most of all. In a French press, I was picking up blueberries, and in my MoccaMaster, I detected cranberries. Berries galore!

This really is a sensational coffee. I hope everyone will take the opportunity to try it. I'm grateful to our friends at Bean There for sharing it with us!

Notes from Bean There

“Our philosophy of seeking the best in both coffee and people, was embodied by Olga ‘Polly’ Robinson. She introduced her grandchildren, Jonathan and Sarah, to the wonderful world of coffee at an early age. This inspired them to start Bean There Coffee Company and share the world’s best coffee, while making a meaningful impact in the lives of the people who grow it. Through direct fair trade, we help these farmers empower their communities. In recognition of her unforgettable example, Olga’s Reserve is a carefully selected, rare, micro-lot coffee. It’s best enjoyed slowly, with a piece of chocolate, in peace and quiet, elegantly savouring every sip. Just as she did.”

Flavour Notes: This anaerobic natural process coffee has a bold violet floral aroma, bright dried stone fruit acidity, with sweet sultana and chocolate flavours and a lingering velvety finish.

Produced by the coffee farmers of the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative from the Musasa region of Rwanda.

Producer details from Bean There

  • Flavour notes: Violet floral aroma, dried stone fruit, sultana, chocolate, velvet finish
  • Producer: Dukunde Kawa Cooperative
  • Country: Rwanda
  • Region: Musasa
  • Variety: Bourbon
  • Process: Anaerobic natural

“The Dukunde Kawa Cooperative is located high in the hills of the Musasa region of Rwanda. The high altitude plays an important part in the exceptional quality of the coffee produced. The sweeping views from the washing station of green hills and valleys is breath-taking. Dukunde Kawa was established in 2004 and currently has 1176 active members. The cooperative has been Fairtrade Certified since 2004 and added Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and Café Practises Certification in 2018. The cooperative owns three washing stations, Musasa, Coko, and Mbilima. Mbilima washing station has been Organic Certified as part of a Women in Coffee program.

“Dukunde Kawa have established themselves as an important part of the community. They employ people, run a basket weaving project, provide access to a grain mill, have built a milk pasteurisation facility, as well as offering loans to farmers specifically for school fees and medical expenses. They have given the community cows as a great source of additional income. The cooperative focuses on perfecting their coffee by offering three day agricultural training sessions for 400 farmers at a time at least once a year. The training covers coffee quality, farming, and certifications among other things. They have also recently built a full dry mill facility which creates local employment and additional income for farmers in the Musasa region.

“Bean There began purchasing coffee from Dukunde Kawa in 2013 and we are inspired by their model of how Fairtrade works not only for the farmers but also the community at large.”

A portion of proceeds from this exclusive coffee goes directly to benefit Rwandan small scale farmers.