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Cape Mystery Coffee Beans

(Cape) Mystery Coffee Beans

R 85.00

We generally have fresh bags of this coffee in stock, allowing us to dispatch within 1-2 working days of order. Please note you might need to wait a little longer if we run out.

Freshness is very important to us. All of our customers know that. We make it a rule never to dispatch coffee beans that are over 3 weeks old, because we want you to enjoy your coffee beans at their absolute best. However, the reality is that plenty of coffees will still taste fantastic after the 3 week mark. Heck, some of them even taste great after many more weeks than that. We actually like to experiment and drink older coffee beans here at CCBHQ and we're often impressed with just how good they can still taste.

While we're not going to change our strict rules of freshness for regular dispatches, we do think it's a bit of a waste to discard beans that slip past that two week mark, so we've found a fun way to share the spoils with our loyal customers...

You can now purchase a bag of Cape Mystery Coffee Beans which will be drawn from our stock that has been set aside after passing the 3 weeks from roast date mark. The bag will be drawn at random but you will always get a great deal, as our standard bags of beans range anywhere from R80 to R160.

You can think of this as an opportunity to add some fun and intrigue to your order, while still receiving coffee that should be very tasty, as we won't send anything out that's over 6 weeks old. Grab a mystery bag and enjoy some top quality beans at a special discounted price.

The rules of Cape Mystery Coffee

  1. There is no Mystery Coffee (jokes)
  2. The coffee beans will be between 3 and 6 weeks from roast at the time we pack them up
  3. The coffee beans will be one of our standard 225g/250g offerings, though we may occasionally throw a tasting bundle into the mix...
  4. You'll always be getting a bargain, the bags of beans will have a regular price of R80-R200+
  5. You can't choose which beans you will receive (it wouldn't be a mystery then)
  6. You can't return or exchange them (sometimes in life you have to roll the dice)
  7. The normal delivery conditions and costs apply
  8. You can order online to collect in-store, but you can't buy Cape Mystery Beans at CCBHQ

Please understand that as we do sell decaf, you may receive decaf coffee beans when you order mystery coffee (though these are the minority)