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Caffenu Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets

Caffenu Universal Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets

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Caffenu's Universal Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets are an incredibly versatile, practical and effective cleaning product for any type of coffee machine, and they are manufactured right here in Cape Town! Made with environmentally friendly ingredients and excluding any phosphates, they are formulated to dissolve fast, eliminate all kinds of coffee residue and keep your coffee equipment working well, and, even more importantly, they keep your coffee tasting great.


Part of the beauty of Caffenu's cleaning tablets is that they really will work with any type of coffee equipment. Here are some examples (though there are many others):

  • Put a tablet in a portafilter to back flush a traditional espresso machine
  • Dissolve tablets in water to soak and clean any type of parts
  • Put a tablet straight into your fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine and run a cleaning cycle
  • Put a tablet into a thermos flask and soak with hot water to clean the inside
  • Put a tablet into your filter or batch brew coffee machine and run a cycle to clean it thoroughly

Choosing your tablet size

Caffenu's 1.4g tablets were specifically designed to work with as many types of coffee machines as possible. They are the right choice for most applications; however certain fully automatic, bean to cup, coffee machines require larger tablets, which is why there is also a 2.5g version available. We would recommend that you consult your fully automatic coffee machine's manual to decide which size to buy. For all other applications, 1.4g is a great choice, especially since there's nothing stopping you from using two!

Please note that if you're using a tablet with a fully automatic machine, and introducing it undissolved, you need to ensure that it is a suitable size for your machine.

Caffenu Universal Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablet features & specifications

  • Ideal for cleaning all types of coffee equipment including espresso machines, filter machines and fully automatic machines
  • Perfect for regular cleaning & maintenance
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Keeps coffee tasting good
  • Extends the life of your equipment if regularly used as part of a maintenance routine
  • Readily dissolves and leaves no residue
  • Available in 1.4g & 2.5g tablet size (see drop down menu)
  • Available in various pack sizes (see drop down menu)
  • Environmentally friendly; does not contain phosphates