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Mythos 2 litre Frigo milk cooler

Frigo 2L Milk Cooler For Mythos Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

R 3,047.50

Please note, that this item is only available as part of a bundle. You can look at the options at the bottom of this page or contact our team to enquire about bundling options.

Keeping milk at the right temperature is very important in the world of coffee. As everyone knows, warm milk will spoil pretty quickly, but you might also be surprised to hear that warm milk produces poorer quality milk foam! For those two very important reasons, we would always suggest using a separate milk fridge with your bean to cup coffee machine, and this one from Frigo is ideal for use with small office machines. It can store up to 2L at a cool temperature!

    Recommended For

    We specifically recommend the Frigo 2L Milk Cooler for use with the following bean to cup machines:

    Please note that you can only purchase a Frigo 2L Milk Cooler with a Mythos Bean To Cup Coffee Machine. They are not available separately!