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Gaggia Cleaning Tablets Box Unpacked

Gaggia Automatic Machine Cleaning Tablets

R 195.00

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Keep your Gaggia automatic machine in top form with Gaggia’s own Originale cleaning tablets. These tablets are specifically made for Gaggia’s bean to cup machines like the Anima, Accademia and Cadorna, and clean their internal components like the brew group and water lines. They effectively remove the coffee oils and other residue that accumulates inside any coffee machine over time, thus ensuring optimal performance and equipment longevity, making it so that your coffee always tastes great.

Gaggia’s Originale cleaning tablets are simple to use, though you should always make sure to check your machine’s manual for clear and detailed cleaning instructions, as well as suggestions for how often to clean your particular machine. Generally speaking , you can simply select your machine’s automatic cleaning cycle, pop a cleaning tablet into the bypass doser (where you'd normally insert pre-ground coffee) and then hit start once you’ve made sure your water tank is full of fresh water. Make sure to place a jug or similar container under your spout to catch any purged rinse water – your drip tray will probably overflow before long if you don’t.

Gaggia Originale cleaning tablet features and specifications

  • Made specifically for Gaggia automatic bean to cup machines
  • Perfect for regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Clears out coffee oils, grease and other residue
  • Prevents clogging and prolongs the lifespan of your automatic espresso machine
  • Ensures great-tasting coffee