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La Marzocco Strada VST Filter Basket

La Marzocco Strada VST Precision Filter Basket

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These filter baskets are the product of a beautiful collaboration between one of the top end manufacturers of espresso machines and one of the top manufacturers of espresso accessories. La Marzocco has earned a reputation as the espresso machine brand of choice for speciality cafes, with the Strada as the flagship in its line, and VST has long been recognised as the leader in precision filter baskets.

La Marzocco and VST have come together to make this special line of filter baskets, which is designed for the La Marzocco Strada (and comes standard with that machine) but will also fit any other La Marzocco machine, and many other espresso machines that use a 58mm group head.

The baskets are laser cut to ensure complete consistency in hole distribution and size, ensuring completely consistent water flow, which ultimately leads to better, more consistent, more even extraction. While they may represent an investment, many coffee professionals will tell you that you can easily taste the difference between shots pulled with precision baskets, and shots pulled with generics.

We have the full range of sizes available for purchase. If you happen to need a larger quantity than what is available on the site, don't hesitate to contact us. We can happily source in more!

La Marzocco Strada VST Precision Filter Baskets are made of heavy gauge stainless steel and will fit most 58mm group head espresso machines, including most of the La Marzocco range