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Rancilio Standard Portafilter

R 849.00

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One of the great things about Rancilio's range of equipment is the minimalist design. If you have a Rancilio Silvia or any other Rancilio espresso machine and you want to replace the portafilter handle or simply have a secondary one ready to use, you can maintain the look with an official Rancilio replacement, sporting the Rancilio emblem.

This standard portafilter can fit a single or a double shot filter basket and has double spouts to allow you to split those shots if you so choose. With a standard EB-61 fitting, it will also fit some other machines (though you may want to confirm with your machine's manufacturers before purchasing).

Please note that this portafilter does not come with a filter basket

NB: the spouts may have different alignments. This is due to the fact that they can be screwed in from virtually any angle to the portafilter. It is possible to re-align the spout to your preferred angle by simply unscrewing and putting it back on again at the desired angle.