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Spare Espresso Grinder Flat Burrs

Wega Max Espresso Grinder Spare Burrs

R 999.00

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To make great espresso, you need a consistent grind, and to get a consistent grind, you need sharp burrs. There's no question that grinders operating at any volume will eventually need the burrs replaced to keep the grinds optimal, though there is some debate around the ideal frequency.

In a commercial context, some would advise you to replace your burrs once or twice per year. Others would estimate based on the volume of throughput, somewhere between 250-500kg. The frequency with which you replace your burrs will also change with their size. Larger burrs need to be replaced less often (in terms of volume of throughput).

The Wega Max range of grinders are reliable workhorses and can last many years if well cared for. Nevertheless, replacing the burrs regularly will ensure your Wega Max grinder is always performing at its best.

We have burrs for both the Wega Max 5.8 grinder. We have both generic and OEM versions available. In both cases, they are made of high-carbon steel and should serve you reliably. It's up to you whether you want the branded or generic versions.

Wega Max replacement grinder burr specifications

  • Top & bottom burrs included
  • Made of high-carbon steel
  • 58mm diameter
  • Fits Wega Max 5.8 grinders

Please note, the burrs may differ in appearance slightly from the photos, but will definitely fit your Wega Max 5.8 grinder