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Yama Siphon Stainless Steel Mesh Filter

Yama Stainless Steel Reusable Siphon Filter

R 329.00

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Yama siphon coffee makers come with a cloth filter and assembly that produces delicious results but does require a fair bit of maintenance. The cloth must be carefully cleaned and stored for longevity but it will eventually wear out.

This stainless steel version provides an alternative, reusable filtration system that some siphon users even prefer to the traditional cloth. It comes with a full filter assembly and a reusable metal mesh filter which should last longer than the cloth and be easier to clean. Because the material is different, you may find that it imparts a slightly different characteristic to the coffee, as some micro-particles may be able to pass through. Nevertheless, it should provide a tasty cup and last a long time!

This filter should fit any Yama siphon model of any size! It also fits our Hario siphons.