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Baratza Vario+ Coffee Grinder

Baratza Vario+ Home Coffee Grinder

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Please note that espresso grinders are tested before dispatch. This may result in some residual coffee grounds in the grinder. Rest assured that this is a brand new product that has been tested to ensure optimal performance

Many years ago when we began selling electric grinders, our first "premium" home offering was the Mahlkonig Vario Home. This very special grinder was a collaboration between Baratza and Mahlkonig and offered something quite unprecedented: a grinder suited to both espresso and manual brewing, in a compact package, designed for home use. This product of the collaboration between one of the most respected brands in commercial grinders and one of the most respected in domestic proved extremely popular. We sold many of these grinders and were sad to see them go a few years ago.

We are excited to let you know that Baratza has taken up the Vario torch and run with it, not only continuing to manufacture the much-loved Vario but giving it some impressive upgrades and re-releasing it as the new Baratza Vario+.

About the new Baratza Vario+ Coffee Grinder

The new Baratza Vario+ retains everything that we loved about the original Vario Home. It houses 54mm ceramic burrs manufactured by Ditting for excellent grind consistency across both the espresso and manual brewing range. It even includes both a portafilter fork and an anti-static grinds bin, making grinding for either application easy. It also offers a unique set of macro and micro grind setting adjustments, providing the home barista with 220 different grind settings to choose from, and making them easy to return to thanks to the two-knob adjustment system. Last but certainly not least, the old and new Vario grinders both include three time-based programmable pre-sets, precise to 0.1s, allowing you to automate your dosing.

The new Vario+ adds some important additions to this already impressive feature set. Borrowing some technology from Baratza's respected commercial grinder, the Baratza Forte, it has a new internal chassis and an all-metal grind chamber for extra longevity. It also replicates the Forte's grind shaft and motor for better torque. The adjustment knobs are also now metal and built to last. It even offers lighting by the grind chute to make it easy to see what's happening in your portafilter or grinds bin.

All put together, this amazing feature set, in such a compact package, makes the new Vario+ a fantastic choice for any home barista who likes to experiment with different brew methods, as well as espresso. You can dial in for any application, and with a special calibration tool included in the box, you can keep your settings exactly where you want them, or adjust them to a different range if you choose. We're thrilled to be able to offer the Baratza Vario+ coffee grinder to our coffee-loving customers as a Cape Coffee Beans exclusive in South Africa.

Baratza Vario+ Coffee Grinder features

  • Powerful, high-torque DC motor
  • 220 grind settings using separate labelled macro and micro adjustment controls
  • Front-mounted digital control panel with LED display
  • Low retention
  • Compact design
  • Comes with a metal portafilter holder fitting for espresso grinding
  • Comes with a plastic anti-static coffee grind container fitting for manual brewing
  • 3 grind-timer presets with 0.1s precise timer
  • Suited to both espresso and filter brewing
  • Burrs are easily removable for cleaning without the use of tools
  • Comes with a special calibration tool allowing re-calibration and adjustment of the grinder's range for different applications
  • Automatically resetting thermal cutoff switch
  • LED-lit coffee grinds area (barista lights)
  • Cast metal grind selection knobs
  • All metal grind chamber for longevity

Baratza Vario+ Coffee Grinder specifications

    • Grinding Speed: ~1.6g -2.2g /sec
    • Burrs: 54 mm ceramic flat burrs
    • Bean Hopper Capacity: ~230 g
    • Grounds Bin Capacity: ~180 g
    • Weight: 4.1kg
    • Dimensions WxHxD (cm): 13 x 36 x 18
    • Voltage / Frequency: 220-240 AC 50/60 Hz
    • Power Consumption: 130 Watts
    • No Load Burr Speed: ~1,350 RPM
    • Manufactured & Assembled: Taiwan
    • Burr Manufacturing: Ditting in Switzerland
    • Designed & Engineered: Seattle, WA