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Cafec Flower Pour-over Coffee Dripper

Cafec Flower Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

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In the world of pour-over coffee, there are many coffee drippers to choose from. There are even different styles to consider, from flat-bottomed to wedge-shaped, to perhaps the most common, cone-shaped. Cone-shaped brewers have become very popular; that may be because, when used with the right technique, they can create cups with great clarity and brightness. That makes them ideal for enjoying lightly roasted single-origin coffees.

In the world of cone-shaped brewers, there's no question that Japanese manufacturer, Hario, is the dominant player. We still love Hario, but we are intrigued by Cafec, a new Japanese competitor who has created its own take on cone-shaped pour-overs.

Cafec's Flower Dripper may look quite similar to the Hario V60, and it does use the same basic shape and design, but inside the cone, Cafec has incorporated a flower-based shape which aims to keep more separation between the dripper itself and the filter paper. This should allow for less bypass, better insulation, better temperature stability and therefore, better extractions. That may be why Cafec Flower Drippers have started appearing on the competitive stage, becoming the dripper of choice for some of the top-placing competitors at the World Brewers Cup.

Cafec Flower Drippers are now available to local pour-over enthusiasts as an intriguing and surprisingly affordable new tool to experiment with. They make for an even more interesting tool when paired with Cafec's proprietary filters, though they're also compatible with many other cone-shaped filters.

Cafec Flower Dripper features

  • Petal-like, flower-shaped ribbing for separation between the dripper and the paper filter for better extraction
  • Great heat retention
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Comes with a measuring spoon
  • Light-weight and durable
  • Compatible with cone-shaped filters including Cafec, Hario & Timemore

Cafec Flower Dripper specifications

  • Made of AS resin
  • Manufactured in Japan
  • Heat resistance: 101°C

    Cafec Flower Dripper size guide

    In the context of pour-over drippers, a cup is about 150ml, so a full mug requires about 2 cups. If you aren't sure what to choose and want the most versatile dripper, we'd suggest buying the Cup4 size, which allows you to brew 2-4 cups, ideal for 1-3 people (4 at a push).

    If you are only going to be brewing a (small) single cup at a time, the Cup1 is a great option but please bear in mind that it's difficult to make 2 full mugs of coffee using this size.

    Please note that the Cafec Flower Dripper does not come with filters included and they are needed to brew coffee. You can buy Cafec paper filters here.