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Briki, Ibrik or Cezve

Copper Brass Stovetop Coffee Pot (Briki, Ibrik, Cezve)

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Is it Turkish? Is it Greek? Is it Arab? Well really, it's all of these things. These stovetop coffee pots, that go by many names, including ibrik, briki or cezve, are traditional coffee makers in much of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. They work very simply by bringing finely ground coffee to a very slow boil on a stove (or sometimes on heated sand).

What they produce is almost like an unfiltered espresso - strong & concentrated but with sediment at the bottom. Still, the flavours that an ibrik brew brings out can be quite different from espresso, both due to the method of extraction, and the brew ratios typically used. Many find that this method can particularly enhance the aromatic qualities of coffee, and it can be a wonderful way to rediscover your favourite beans.

These particular brikis were handmade in Greece. The body features a traditional copper, hammered or embossed finish, and the handle is made of brass. They come in a variety of sizes and should do a wonderful job of making coffee for one person, up to a small group of people depending on the size.

Most of the sizes we stock have a simple hammered copper polished finish, but the N5 medium size comes with an embossed design for extra traditional flare!

Briki features & specifications

  • Handmade in Greece
  • Polished copper exterior
  • Embossed design (Elite version only)
  • Brass handle
  • Works on any heat source other than induction

Care instructions

Copper will stain after a certain amount of use, but it can be returned to its full shiny glory with the right product and some elbow grease. We'd suggest using a soft cloth and some copper cleaner.

Size guide

Size (volume) Diameter (cm) Height (cm)
N2 (100ml) 5.3 7.4
N3 (160ml) 6 8.4
N4 (200ml) 7.7 9
N5 (310ml) 8.5 9
N8 (380ml) 9 11
N10 (580ml) 10 12.5